Tarta de cebolla chileno

We didn’t plant onions this because we’ve always had trouble with them going mouldy and not storing well but this recipe is good for using lots of them. It’s one that I learnt from Chilean friends when I lived in Madrid.

About two kilos of onions in a wok.

About two kilos of onions in a wok.

2013-10-06 16.45.18
Chop slice and dice more onions than will fit in you biggest frying pan. And then some more. Have a little cry to yourself if you need, try not to lose any fingers by chopping and crying at the same time. Fry them slowly in oodles of Spanish olive oil for as long as you have time for. I use two or three oodles, you may want to use less. Remember the more slowly you fry them the sweeter they will be. You can add some chopped celery or garlic if you want, but with that many onions it won’t make much difference. When they are turning golden, and have reduced to a size that will fit into you flan case, add a glass or so of Chilean white wine. Keep cooking until most of this has gone. Add some arrowroot to get a sort of golden gloopy mess, maybe add some paprika. Add enough grated cheese to hold the whole lot together (it can be a fair amount, but this is an onion tart, not a cheese and onion tart) mix it up and decant into a pastry flan case someone else has made. Stick it in an oven at 200C to brown. Let it stand for a while to cool before serving, otherwise it’s a bit on the sloppy side. Serve with chips and brown sauce (or a salad if you prefer) and the rest of that bottle of Chilean white wine if you still have it (if not a Rioja will do) and remember where you where when you first made this.

Sat. 9 Apr 2011

Onions, shallots and broad beans are all looking good.
Planted a second batch of broad beans in bed A and a row of leeks (pandora) in bed G/H. Dug over bed D.
Harvested some purple sprouting broccoli and spinach.

Bought for 2011

1 x POTATO Nicola 1.5kg £4.52
1 x CLIMBING BEAN Neckar Queen £1.90
1 x CLIMBING BEAN Fasold £1.81
1 x BROAD BEAN Super Aquadulce £2.79
1 x SHALLOTS Longor 500g £4.45
1 x ONION SETS Sturon Globe £3.60
1 x POTATO (non-organic) Anya 2kg £6.45
1 x RADISH French Breakfast £1.34
1 x SWEETCORN Early Extra Sweet F1 £1.68
1 x FRENCH BEAN Cannellino £1.90
1 x LEEK Pandora £1.99
1 x CABBAGE Marner Lagerrot (Storing Red) £1.47
1 x COURGETTE Nero di Milan £1.47
1 x PARSNIP Turga £1.68

From Organic Garden Catalogue

Sun 5 Sept

Harvested the potatoes. One sack of anya, two of nicola, all looking in good condition. (we have already eaten one of the three rows of anya)

Picked the onions and left them in covered crates at the allotment to dry.

Also picked beans (borlotti), courgettes, broccoli, spinach, blackberries.

Amazingly, we have an aubergine. (Doubly amazing since it is on the “pumpkin” plant)

Sun 22 Aug

Mostly shovelled compost around.

Chopped tops of rest of the potatoes. Chopped down comfrey.

Broke necks of all remaining onions

Harvested two heads of broccoli, half a bag of beans, two courgettes and a tub of black berries (with a few rasps)

Took a look at the carrots for the first time since sowing them under fleece. A lot of what was there wasn’t carrot, so removed it, and carrots were over-crowded, so thinned them, but there are some nice looking but small carrots there. Covered again, should be ready in a few weeks.

Wednesday 17th August

The kids and I spent a couple of hours tidying up and harvesting.

Got two bags full of beans, the last mega-turnip, beetroot, artichokes, some cavolo nero leaves, two large and one medium-sized marrows, a courgette and three onions.  Also harvested some unexpected broccoli, the last three garlic heads and one and a half of plants’ worth of potatoes (the ones that aren’t Anya!)  Cut the tops of one row of the spuds but ran out of time to do the rest.

Red cabbage is looking good – some decent heads forming.  Ditto the celeriac.

Brought home some poppy heads to scatter the seeds in the garden here to add some colour for next year.

Sun 1 Aug

My fist trip to the allotment since coming back from hols. Quite overgrown but not as bad as last year.

Mostly weeded, but also harvested some beetroot, parsnips (which needed thinning) and a courgette and a few assorted French beans.

Brassicas (bed E) look good, those are the red cabbage in the front, behind them the broccoli and at the back the purple sprouting broccoli.

Root crops (bed D) also look good. The parsnips at the front are getting a bit crowded. Beetroot and turnip are ready. The carrots are under the fleece, with carvolo nero and celeriac behind.

Onions (bed A)look OK, but were getting over grown with weeds. The onions grown from sets are ready, so I broke their necks.

The courgette is OK, sweet corn may fruit if we have a long summer like last year but pumpkin and aubergine look very doubtful.

Potatoes are fine, anya are done. But the tares sown as green manure on bed I got swamped by fat hen (which I strimmed, probably came from the compost, I suppose it’s a green manure of sorts).

There’s also a pretty looking plant next to the shed, which we certainly didn’t put there.

Sat 22 May

Very warm and sunny.

Planted various dwarf and climbing French beans on compost trenches in bed B.

Planted carrots (Fly Away) in bed D, covered with fleece to protect from root fly.

Netted the black and red currants

Harvested the last of the purple sprouting broccoli and dug out the plants in bed I

Watered the onions planted on Tuesday, they look a bit droopy but should survive. Leeks from 1 may are just showing.

Tuesday 18 May

Jules planted (111!) Onion seedlings in bed A, harvested purple sprouting broccoli (which is now getting tough and woody in places) and more rhubarb.

Previously: what was where in 2009

What was where in 2009

Bed A & B : potatoes

Bed C: Onions & garlick, plus odds and ends like parsnip and salad later

Bed D: Sweetcorn and courgette at one end, leeks at the other

Bed E: peas and beans, with some lettuce and salad in between

Bed F: comfry (permanent)

Bed G & H: planted various squash, but they failed. Had load of compost buried and was kept covered w/ black plastic.

Bed I: Brassica, incl. purple sprouting broccoli which overwintered to 2010.

Bed J: Globe artichoke + sorrel (permanent), planted black currant off-shoot from Donald in summer .

Fruit: Rhubarb x 2 (one near fence ~1yr old, not cropped) Red currant and Black currant had been over pruned so didn’t bother cropping, Strawberries in containers by currants, Blackberries and raspberries.

In November planted:

Bed A: onion sets (failed, frost) and garlic

Bed B: broad beans (only two survived) peas (failed) and lettuce (did surprisingly well) under fleece.