Sun 21 July.

First visit after about 3 weeks due to holiday, during which time there has been lots of sun and not much rain. We weren’t expecting good things, but were very pleasantly surprised. For one thing, looks like a friendly neighbour had been doing some watering for us. Thanks! We did lots more today.

Pretty much everything looks good. Potatoes are healthy and flowering.

Most of the beans are looking OK (though the dwarf beans haven’t really got going), and the lettuce is ready.

The garlick is ready, the leeks OK (thinned out the musselburgh that we started on windowsill, the last lot sowed direct into the ground failed), radishes were ready a week or two back, but still (just) OK, the spinach is heading to seed but still (just) OK, chard, turnips and beetroot looking good.

The brassica and parsnips are looking good, but needed weeding.

Berries and currants looking good, though we should have tied up the raspberries as some of them have keeled over. Sweetcorn, squashes and first lot of carrots all good (but later sowing of carrot have failed)

Brought home loads of lovely red currants (4.5lb!), strawberries and raspberries. Lots of broadbeans, a courgette on its way to being a marrow, baby leeks and small carrots (thinnings), and giant radishes, some garlick, and a couple of lettuces.

Big difference to last year.

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Sun. 17 Apr

Planted 2 rows red cabbage in bed B with radishes as catch crop; 1 row parsnip and 1 row beetroot in bed C; lettuces between broad beans on bed A.

Harvested purple sprouting broccoli, perpetual spinach, and rhubarb. Rhubarb this year has thrown up a lot of flower stems.

Sat. 9 Apr 2011

Onions, shallots and broad beans are all looking good.
Planted a second batch of broad beans in bed A and a row of leeks (pandora) in bed G/H. Dug over bed D.
Harvested some purple sprouting broccoli and spinach.

Feb 2011

The winter snow and frost did a fair amount of damage, killing most of the over-wintered brassicas (3 purple sprouting broccoli and maybe some perpetual spinach survived), and causing the fruit cage / netting to collapse.

Dug over beds A, B, C, G and H; covered most of bed I to keep weeds down.

Planted broad beans in bed A.

Harvested some v nice parsnips, more to come, and the last of the leeks.

Sun 1 Aug

My fist trip to the allotment since coming back from hols. Quite overgrown but not as bad as last year.

Mostly weeded, but also harvested some beetroot, parsnips (which needed thinning) and a courgette and a few assorted French beans.

Brassicas (bed E) look good, those are the red cabbage in the front, behind them the broccoli and at the back the purple sprouting broccoli.

Root crops (bed D) also look good. The parsnips at the front are getting a bit crowded. Beetroot and turnip are ready. The carrots are under the fleece, with carvolo nero and celeriac behind.

Onions (bed A)look OK, but were getting over grown with weeds. The onions grown from sets are ready, so I broke their necks.

The courgette is OK, sweet corn may fruit if we have a long summer like last year but pumpkin and aubergine look very doubtful.

Potatoes are fine, anya are done. But the tares sown as green manure on bed I got swamped by fat hen (which I strimmed, probably came from the compost, I suppose it’s a green manure of sorts).

There’s also a pretty looking plant next to the shed, which we certainly didn’t put there.

Sat 19 June

Creeping buttercup was taking over bed J especially around the artichoke and derelict cold frame and spreading around bramble. So I dismantled the cold frame, burnt it and cut down all the buttercup and the sorrel which had gone to seed as is also getting out of control. Put most of the top cuttings on the bonfire (very smoky and antisocial), but also double bagged some with water to rot it. Will fork compost into bed J, and poss plant squash there or sow with green manure. Will be potato plot next year.
Also weeded between brassica in bed E. Have more purple sprouting broccoli than anything else (which we don’t need) but other broccoli and red cabbage look OK.

Sat 29 May

Bed E: Only 2 red cabbage and no sign of white cabbage; sure there was more last time–I blame pigeons. SO grubbed up where white cabbage should have been and sowed more red. Some purple sprouting broccoli and calabrese broccoli showing, should be enough. Catch crops of radish and spring onions looking good.¬† Hoed thoroughly and netted to keep pigeons off.

Beds G & H, Nicola showing; hoed/earthed up.

Plot D: sowed parsnips between turnips and carrots.

Bed C: looks like sweet corn has failed, was a long shot anyway. Rearranged glass so that the courgette Jules sowed are protected.

Sat 22 May

Very warm and sunny.

Planted various dwarf and climbing French beans on compost trenches in bed B.

Planted carrots (Fly Away) in bed D, covered with fleece to protect from root fly.

Netted the black and red currants

Harvested the last of the purple sprouting broccoli and dug out the plants in bed I

Watered the onions planted on Tuesday, they look a bit droopy but should survive. Leeks from 1 may are just showing.

Tuesday 18 May

Jules planted (111!) Onion seedlings in bed A, harvested purple sprouting broccoli (which is now getting tough and woody in places) and more rhubarb.

Sunday 9 May 2010

Soil quite dry. Frost/snow(!) predicted

Maja from Maja's kleine garten

Maja from Maja's kleine Garten?

Planted in bed E: two rows of broccoli (calabrese) with spring onion catch crop in between, and two rows of purple sprouting broccoli with radishes as catch crop.

In bed B: one row butter crunch lettuce  between peas.

Also dug compost trench for beans in bed B: buried grass cuttings and compost about 18in deep.

Few small potato leaves showing (anya), earthed up to cover them.

Pruned dead bramble and tied rest up.

Harvested rhubarb.