Sun 21 July.

First visit after about 3 weeks due to holiday, during which time there has been lots of sun and not much rain. We weren’t expecting good things, but were very pleasantly surprised. For one thing, looks like a friendly neighbour had been doing some watering for us. Thanks! We did lots more today.

Pretty much everything looks good. Potatoes are healthy and flowering.

Most of the beans are looking OK (though the dwarf beans haven’t really got going), and the lettuce is ready.

The garlick is ready, the leeks OK (thinned out the musselburgh that we started on windowsill, the last lot sowed direct into the ground failed), radishes were ready a week or two back, but still (just) OK, the spinach is heading to seed but still (just) OK, chard, turnips and beetroot looking good.

The brassica and parsnips are looking good, but needed weeding.

Berries and currants looking good, though we should have tied up the raspberries as some of them have keeled over. Sweetcorn, squashes and first lot of carrots all good (but later sowing of carrot have failed)

Brought home loads of lovely red currants (4.5lb!), strawberries and raspberries. Lots of broadbeans, a courgette on its way to being a marrow, baby leeks and small carrots (thinnings), and giant radishes, some garlick, and a couple of lettuces.

Big difference to last year.

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Sunday 12 Aug

Picked rest of broad beans, which have been good but late this year. We have runners and some french beans on the way.

Runner beans, bed E

Carrots tops are being nibbled or broken by something.

few remaining carrots

There aren’t many of them, but the turnips, beetroot and parsnip look OK.

Turnips, beetroot, parsnip

Berries are rampant, especially the blackberry. Picked a decent number of raspberries, red currants, and a few strawberries.

Other beds look pretty dismal, though harvested more anya: small but no sign of blight/rot.

Sun 5 Sept

Harvested the potatoes. One sack of anya, two of nicola, all looking in good condition. (we have already eaten one of the three rows of anya)

Picked the onions and left them in covered crates at the allotment to dry.

Also picked beans (borlotti), courgettes, broccoli, spinach, blackberries.

Amazingly, we have an aubergine. (Doubly amazing since it is on the “pumpkin” plant)

Sun 29 Aug

Mostly tidied up. Picked some beans, the beans for eating as pods are nearly over, but the ying-yang and barlotti are beginning to come. Also got a couple more courgettes, some carvolo nero, broccoli, a decent but small head of red cabbage, and some blackberries. Sweetcorn has cobs on it, with luck and a good September these will ripen,

Sun 22 Aug

Mostly shovelled compost around.

Chopped tops of rest of the potatoes. Chopped down comfrey.

Broke necks of all remaining onions

Harvested two heads of broccoli, half a bag of beans, two courgettes and a tub of black berries (with a few rasps)

Took a look at the carrots for the first time since sowing them under fleece. A lot of what was there wasn’t carrot, so removed it, and carrots were over-crowded, so thinned them, but there are some nice looking but small carrots there. Covered again, should be ready in a few weeks.

Sunday 9 May 2010

Soil quite dry. Frost/snow(!) predicted

Maja from Maja's kleine garten

Maja from Maja's kleine Garten?

Planted in bed E: two rows of broccoli (calabrese) with spring onion catch crop in between, and two rows of purple sprouting broccoli with radishes as catch crop.

In bed B: one row butter crunch lettuceĀ  between peas.

Also dug compost trench for beans in bed B: buried grass cuttings and compost about 18in deep.

Few small potato leaves showing (anya), earthed up to cover them.

Pruned dead bramble and tied rest up.

Harvested rhubarb.