Sun 21 July.

First visit after about 3 weeks due to holiday, during which time there has been lots of sun and not much rain. We weren’t expecting good things, but were very pleasantly surprised. For one thing, looks like a friendly neighbour had been doing some watering for us. Thanks! We did lots more today.

Pretty much everything looks good. Potatoes are healthy and flowering.

Most of the beans are looking OK (though the dwarf beans haven’t really got going), and the lettuce is ready.

The garlick is ready, the leeks OK (thinned out the musselburgh that we started on windowsill, the last lot sowed direct into the ground failed), radishes were ready a week or two back, but still (just) OK, the spinach is heading to seed but still (just) OK, chard, turnips and beetroot looking good.

The brassica and parsnips are looking good, but needed weeding.

Berries and currants looking good, though we should have tied up the raspberries as some of them have keeled over. Sweetcorn, squashes and first lot of carrots all good (but later sowing of carrot have failed)

Brought home loads of lovely red currants (4.5lb!), strawberries and raspberries. Lots of broadbeans, a courgette on its way to being a marrow, baby leeks and small carrots (thinnings), and giant radishes, some garlick, and a couple of lettuces.

Big difference to last year.

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Sun, 7 April

Has been very cold, some snow in last fortnight, but over all very little rain/snow. Allotment looks like it is early March. Broad beans that over-wintered are OK, no sign of those sowed early March. Garlic looks OK.

Yesterday we sowed leeks in modules on kitchen windowsill.

Today we moved summer raspberries from by blackberry to along side strawberries (bed H). Mulched with cardboard and leaf. Also sowed parsnips at end of bed E–which will be for brassica and roots this year.

Winter 2012-13

Cold winter, some snow, car access to plot blocked by works. Didn’t get down very often so no major work done.

Harvested carrots, turnips, beetroot, parsnip and leeks through first weekend of Mar. all of which did quite well. Carrots especially worked well, and the parsnips.

Planted two rows of broad beans (super aquadulce) in early Nov (bed C), which germinated OK and about half of them survived.

Weather for July

Wet overall, 168% of long term average, but mostly fell as a couple of spells of heavy rain in the middle of the month. Warm, just above July average. Got things growing!

Full report [pdf] from RBGE Weather Station

Weather for June 2010

According to the Edinburgh Botanics weather station apart from rain at the beginning and end, June was dry dry dry, overall getting 70% of the rainfall for the average June and 119% of the sun. Temperatures were a degree of two above the average. The end of May was also fairly dry, but the beginning of July has been wet.

Sun 27 June

Watered; little rain this month and soil was very dry.

Weeded beds D and E.

Planted 6 cavolo nero (Kale) between carrots and celeriac.

Dug couch grass roots out of front of bed I, and covered in compost as mulch. Sowed tares as green manure.

Dug up first two potato plants, one nicola one anya; got a few baby-new but not really ready yet

Beds I and J, mostly fallow except the artichoke and young currant plant

Rhubarb, blackberry and raspberries

Beds E and D, Brassicas

Jm and Kt watering the potatoes, June 2010

Jm and Kt watering the potatoes, June 2010

Monday 24 May

Jules planted courgettes (2 x nero di milan, 2 x all green bush) in between sweetcorn in bed C.

Planted oak leaf lettuce in between dwarf beans in bed B. Put netting up for peas which were looking like they needed it.

Weather has been warm for last few days with showers in the evening/night.

Weather up to 22 May

Early May was cold and dry, then cold and wet (with “wintry showers”, sleet and briefly snow around the 13th). But from about the 16th it got warmer.