Sun 15 July

A depressing trip, really. The courgette, squash and sunflowers are gone, some of the (anya) potatoes have what looks like black leg, the black and red-currants have been eaten by birds, the weeds are rampant. On the plus side we should finally get some broad beans in a week or so.

Planted some carrots in a raised bin (away from carrot fly) and some perpetual spinnach.

Dug up some new potatoes, got a few strawberries and raspberries.


To make the scarecrow, we stuffed some tights, gloves and a long-sleeved Tee-shirt with bubble wrap. We sewed them together so that none of the bubble wrap fell out. We made the head out of a cloth bag and I drew a scary face on it. We dressed it in some of my old trousers and Jamie’s old jacket and daddy’s old hat. We put big stick in the arms so that they stay put. We used some red foil paper for the hair. We made a sword for it we didn’t actually put it on yet.

We took the scare crow to the allotment and put it up by using a branch from a big rose tree and a stake that daddy had. Here’s what it looks like; we call him Igor.

Scarecrow ideas

We want a scarecrow for the allotment. So I drew some pictures.

this was my first idea

First scarecrow idea

First scarecrow idea

it’s all right but the face didn’t look right, so I drew another one

Second  scarecrow idea

Second scarecrow idea

I think this one is better because it looks realistic and it looks like he wants to chase the birds off. He has a sword so he can try to whack the birds. And I like the buttons that make him look even more fierce.

Sat 29 May

Bed E: Only 2 red cabbage and no sign of white cabbage; sure there was more last time–I blame pigeons. SO grubbed up where white cabbage should have been and sowed more red. Some purple sprouting broccoli and calabrese broccoli showing, should be enough. Catch crops of radish and spring onions looking good.  Hoed thoroughly and netted to keep pigeons off.

Beds G & H, Nicola showing; hoed/earthed up.

Plot D: sowed parsnips between turnips and carrots.

Bed C: looks like sweet corn has failed, was a long shot anyway. Rearranged glass so that the courgette Jules sowed are protected.