Sunday 23 Jun

No, not the first time back since the ‘reset’ post a month ago, but sadly not far off. The weather’s been ‘orrible.

Anyway, the plot was massively over grown, so did a lot of weed-pulling and grass chopping. The sweetcorn in bed B has pretty much all failed and no sign of any drawf beans in bed E. The climbing and runner beans are OK but not great. Broad beans are just flowering but not too impressive. A smattering of beetroot and parsnips in bed D, no perp. spinach. Leeks are holding on, potatoes are OK. Some donated cabbage plants we put in bed A are looking good.

Harvested some mouse-nibbled radish from between bean rows, and some really good looking rhubarb.

Planted sunflowers by the shed which have been struggling in pots at home. Planted squash and courgette plants in Bed B, a mix of bought from Henri’s and grown from seed in pots. Sowed more beetroot and a couple of rows of turnips in bed D. Sowed loads of lettuce and rocket between beans.

Sat 30 Apr.

Made compost trench in bed A and sowed half-row of French beans (Fasold) on it. Sowed half-row of Peas in bed D next to path. Sowed spinach in bed B.

Covered bed J and neighbouring fruit area in thick cardboard and leaf mulch to keep down weeds (had been a lot creeping buttercup and couch grass).

Sun 1 Aug

My fist trip to the allotment since coming back from hols. Quite overgrown but not as bad as last year.

Mostly weeded, but also harvested some beetroot, parsnips (which needed thinning) and a courgette and a few assorted French beans.

Brassicas (bed E) look good, those are the red cabbage in the front, behind them the broccoli and at the back the purple sprouting broccoli.

Root crops (bed D) also look good. The parsnips at the front are getting a bit crowded. Beetroot and turnip are ready. The carrots are under the fleece, with carvolo nero and celeriac behind.

Onions (bed A)look OK, but were getting over grown with weeds. The onions grown from sets are ready, so I broke their necks.

The courgette is OK, sweet corn may fruit if we have a long summer like last year but pumpkin and aubergine look very doubtful.

Potatoes are fine, anya are done. But the tares sown as green manure on bed I got swamped by fat hen (which I strimmed, probably came from the compost, I suppose it’s a green manure of sorts).

There’s also a pretty looking plant next to the shed, which we certainly didn’t put there.

Sun 27 June

Watered; little rain this month and soil was very dry.

Weeded beds D and E.

Planted 6 cavolo nero (Kale) between carrots and celeriac.

Dug couch grass roots out of front of bed I, and covered in compost as mulch. Sowed tares as green manure.

Dug up first two potato plants, one nicola one anya; got a few baby-new but not really ready yet

Beds I and J, mostly fallow except the artichoke and young currant plant

Rhubarb, blackberry and raspberries

Beds E and D, Brassicas

Jm and Kt watering the potatoes, June 2010

Jm and Kt watering the potatoes, June 2010

Sat 19 June

Creeping buttercup was taking over bed J especially around the artichoke and derelict cold frame and spreading around bramble. So I dismantled the cold frame, burnt it and cut down all the buttercup and the sorrel which had gone to seed as is also getting out of control. Put most of the top cuttings on the bonfire (very smoky and antisocial), but also double bagged some with water to rot it. Will fork compost into bed J, and poss plant squash there or sow with green manure. Will be potato plot next year.
Also weeded between brassica in bed E. Have more purple sprouting broccoli than anything else (which we don’t need) but other broccoli and red cabbage look OK.

Sat 12 June