Tarta de cebolla chileno

We didn’t plant onions this because we’ve always had trouble with them going mouldy and not storing well but this recipe is good for using lots of them. It’s one that I learnt from Chilean friends when I lived in Madrid.

About two kilos of onions in a wok.

About two kilos of onions in a wok.

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Chop slice and dice more onions than will fit in you biggest frying pan. And then some more. Have a little cry to yourself if you need, try not to lose any fingers by chopping and crying at the same time. Fry them slowly in oodles of Spanish olive oil for as long as you have time for. I use two or three oodles, you may want to use less. Remember the more slowly you fry them the sweeter they will be. You can add some chopped celery or garlic if you want, but with that many onions it won’t make much difference. When they are turning golden, and have reduced to a size that will fit into you flan case, add a glass or so of Chilean white wine. Keep cooking until most of this has gone. Add some arrowroot to get a sort of golden gloopy mess, maybe add some paprika. Add enough grated cheese to hold the whole lot together (it can be a fair amount, but this is an onion tart, not a cheese and onion tart) mix it up and decant into a pastry flan case someone else has made. Stick it in an oven at 200C to brown. Let it stand for a while to cool before serving, otherwise it’s a bit on the sloppy side. Serve with chips and brown sauce (or a salad if you prefer) and the rest of that bottle of Chilean white wine if you still have it (if not a Rioja will do) and remember where you where when you first made this.

This week I have mostly been eating ….


Turnip and butter beans (based on this) but with butter beans not kidney beans and added tomato. Very nice.

Turnip chips. Just like ordinary chips, but not nice.

Turnipslaw. Like coleslaw but with turnip. Basically shredded turnip (Julienned using my mandolin) with mayonnaise and Greek yoghurt. Added walnuts, sultanas, peanuts, for texture and flavour. Seasoned with salt pepper cider vinegar and a few cumin seeds.