Sun, 28 Apr.

Sowed in pots for windowsill:

  • Courgette (Nero di Milan) 2 seeds in ea. of 2 pots,
  • Sunflower, 2 seeds in ea. of 2 pots
  • Squash (sprinted) 2 seeds in ea. of 2 pots

Also pricked out two broccoli seedlings sown 14 Apr, where 3 had germinated in a pot, into new pot.

The beans sown on 14 Apr are now up in the loft for more light and hardening; the leeks sown on 7 Apr went up earlier this week.

Plan for 2013

planned planting for 2013 (as of 28 Apr)

planned planting for 2013 (as of 28 Apr)

planned planting for 2013 (as of 28 Apr)[/caption] Long term plan is to have one side covered with more or less permanent crops (rhubarb, strawberries, rasberries, black/red currants, blackberry) with the other side on rotation.
This year having potatoes near road, then beans, aliums, roots, greens, until brassica by shed.

Sat, 27 Apr

Planted 4 rows x 7 sarpo mira potatoes in bed B.

Planted 1 caseille (josta) bush, blackcurrant/gooseberry cross at back of bed J and blackcurrant in middle.

Sun, 21 Apr

Sowed third row of broad bean (Bunyards Exhibition, should come on later than those sown earlier). First row look OK, one or two of second row just beginning to show.

Sowed row of Leeks (Pandora, same as sown in modules, should be read in late summer / Autumn) next to garlic in bed D

Broad beans and garlic background)
Sowed row of red cabbage (Marner Lagerot) next to parsnips at end of bed E.

Sowed carrots (Nantes 2) in raised container to be clear of root fly.

Rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries.

Sun, 14 Apr.

Sowed seeds indoors:

  • 10 x Neckar queen, climbing french bean, and
  • 10 x snap bush, drawf french bean
  • –both in peat modules.

  • Calabrese brocolli Belstar F1 , and
  • Red Cabbage ruby ball F1
  • –both several seeds in 4x pots

On kitchen windowsill.

Sun, 7 April

Has been very cold, some snow in last fortnight, but over all very little rain/snow. Allotment looks like it is early March. Broad beans that over-wintered are OK, no sign of those sowed early March. Garlic looks OK.

Yesterday we sowed leeks in modules on kitchen windowsill.

Today we moved summer raspberries from by blackberry to along side strawberries (bed H). Mulched with cardboard and leaf. Also sowed parsnips at end of bed E–which will be for brassica and roots this year.

Sun, 24 Mar

Moved Rhubarb from in front of blackberry to bed G, between strawbs and comfrey. Split the one massive plant (huge root) into about 10 smaller ones. Each one was put in with dead leaves, comfrey juice and chicken poo, and the whole lot covered with dead leaves.

Dug over bed E (no compost).

Jules and Katie painted shed.

It has been cold, some snow but not much, not getting much above freezing most days. Still the over-wintered broad beans look OK, even those I moved and so does the garlic I planted. Not surprisingly there is no sign of br. beans I planted on last visit.

Bought potatoes a couple of weeks ago. Sarpo miro, a blight resistant variety and charlotte. V. small due to supply being hit by bad weather last year. They are chitting in the loft.

Sun, 3 Mar 2013

Half of over-wintered broad beans are gone, only two left in one row and some slug slime. Moved those two to fill gaps in other row and sowed a new row. Put up glass on either side of double row to act as wind-break.

Dug over last metre or so of bed D, raised it slightly and planted ca. 14 garlic cloves. The cloves have been in the shed since Oct or Nov, mostly look ok bit kind of optimistic to think that they will grow well. Put netting over to keep bird off.

Harvested last of leeks and parsnip.

started new compost bin (one nearest shed) with top off bin next to it, some kitchen waste and leaves+comfrey juice.

Winter 2012-13

Cold winter, some snow, car access to plot blocked by works. Didn’t get down very often so no major work done.

Harvested carrots, turnips, beetroot, parsnip and leeks through first weekend of Mar. all of which did quite well. Carrots especially worked well, and the parsnips.

Planted two rows of broad beans (super aquadulce) in early Nov (bed C), which germinated OK and about half of them survived.

Sun 9 Sept

Harvested 4 kilos of beans, and lifted all the remaining potatoes–quantity and size of them was not great. Got a few black berries, some decent turnips and a couple of beetroot.

Dug a trench at end of bed C and buried weeds and chopped comfrey as compost trench ready for autumn sown broad beans.