#CMALT Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology

On Monday afternoon a notification popped up for an email

Congratulations on achieving Certified Membership of the Association for Learning Technology

CMALT badgeI was very happy. I was also busy on something, so didn’t immediately open the email. When I did go to open it, the email had vanished. It took me long enough to find where it have got to for me to begin to doubt my sanity; but no, it was real, I really had #CMALT.

This post is mostly to say thank you to the people who helped me. Especially Lorna Campbell, who buddied me in the writing process, Steve Bentley (@sdb) and Susan Greig (@SusanMGreig) who helped me with feedback when my first submission fell short, to the assessors, whoever you are, who also provided useful feedback and encouragement. To all the certified members who provided their portfolios online for inspiration and guidance, and to the other CMALT applicants who shared their progress, and to my friends and everyone in the learning technology community whose ideas I continually mine and whose comments continue to shape my thinking: thank you.

I have tried to share my progress through Twitter and on this blog. The relevant tweets are now wrapped up in a ‘moment‘ (see below), and for the blog posts here take a look at the CMALT project. If you’re here for tips on writing a portfolio, I recommend the post describing why my first submission fell short. If you’re interested in my portfolio, it’s on Google Drive or available here as a pdf.

A CMALT tweeted