3 thoughts on “ePub metadata what gets shown?

  1. concludes this assumption to add only a couple of metadata into an ePub oder will you add every meta elements …maybe for the golden future of eBooks?

  2. Interesting experiment.

    It is not yet standard practice for publishers to add metadata to a publication file. Because publishers use metadata primarily for ecommerce, the records focus mainly on the metadata categories seen as most likely to affect a sale of a book. The records are stored in title management systems and submitted as a separate ONIX feed to online vendors on a weekly basis.

    EPUB3 encourages embedding rich metadata in the EPUB file. I don’t know what it will take to convince publishers to take advantage of this feature.

  3. Thad, thank you for the background info on publishing practice (certainly not an area I know about). I suspect that it will take a really compelling application using the metadata in order to persuade publishers to provide it. Within education, for open content this might be Google using the metadata to assist in resource discovery in a way similar to its use of schema.org and for closed content maybe some use by learning management systems. But it is very easy ask for too much metadata without enough justification (which I think is what Martin is asking about).

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