HeyPressto! a WordPress and ClassicPress conference on Twitter

Pat Lockley (of Pgogy Webstuff) and I are organizing the 2020 Hey Pressto! conference on WordPress and ClassicPress, which will run on 24 September 2020.

HeyPressto happens only on Twitter — presentations are made up of up to 15 tweets, one per minute.  You may know that Pat has been involved in organizing the PressEd Conference with Natalie Lafferty for the last three years. When he asked whether I was interested in helping with a similar conference I jumped at the idea. The theme is generalized from PressEd, which focusses on WordPress in Education, to include any use of WordPress or ClassicPress. What ever you are doing with WordPress or ClassicPress, whether you are writing blog posts, running an aggregator, managing content, creating themes and plugins, contributing to the core, or concerned with governance, we would love to hear from you. We have a call for proposals which is open until midnight on Thursday Sept 3rd.

Why on Twitter?

There are lots of barriers to presenting and discussing interesting ideas through traditional channels: time zones, distance, language, family and other commitments. The format and semi-synchronous nature of Twitter helps over come some of these. We appreciates we live in a world with vast structural inequalities, and we can’t fix those ourselves. We want to be an event where we can celebrate knowledge from under represented and overlooked voices. Hey Pressto! runs for 12 hours, so hopefully you will have some time to join in or present wherever you are in the world. Hey Pressto! welcomes submissions in any language and welcomes presentations in any language; the call for submissions is currently available in 21 languages.

We know Twitter isn’t a great place for everyone (we want to be one of the good bits) and to help mitigate we’ve got anonymous accounts people can use should they wish to.

We also have a free and anonymous mentoring service you are welcome to use if you’d like help with your submission. Contact us if you have any questions about how the conference might work for you.

How on Twitter?

Simply, each presentation is 15 tweets, one tweet per minute, in a scheduled time slot, each with the conference hash tag, #HeyPresstoConf20. You can add images, gifs, videos or links to your tweets to add more depth. You can thread your tweets or simply number them in sequence. Other people paying attention to the conference can like, retweet and comment on the presentation tweets, building engagement, asking questions, creating discussion.

After the conference we, the organizers, will curate the presentation threads as archives on the conference website, Twitter moments and so on. Of you course you can do similar if you wish on your own web sites. These are solid presentations with lasting presence.

Conferences on Twitter are not a new thing. We take our inspiration from, and give thanks to, the public archaeology Twitter conference (organized by @lornarichardson and @James__Dixon) #PATC5. You can have a look at that for examples of how the presentations work, or at the PressEd conference website which has archives of previous editions.  If like you information a buit more meta, here is a thread from the #DoSTC2020 twitter where Pat discusses the PressEd Conference.

Want to help?

We welcome all offers of help, especially those that diversify Hey Pressto! and promote equitable participation. If you see us doing something wrong please let us know so that we can fix it. If you like what we are doing, then you can help, for example you could:

Submit a proposal for a presentation! or pass on the information to anyone you think might be interested.


A cartoon rabbit in a hat.

Follow the Hopful Bunny on twitter, amplify the tweets. We really want to get noticed by as many diverse audiences as we can. If you can amplify the tweets with a translation that would be awesome.

We have a Ko-Fi page. Donations will be used to recoup some of the costs of the conference, for example paying for translating the call for participation. We would like to provide more translations, but each costs about £50 (ca. US$65, €55). If there is something that you would like us to do that costs money, please get in touch about raising funds to do it.


We have no affiliation with WordPress or ClassicPress.

We are not a WordCamp or a WordPress endorsed meetup.