LMAP Scoping Study draft report

Some time back I started a scoping study into a potential Learning Materials Application Profile (LMAP) for the JISC. Well, I have at last written a draft report that is fit to be read by others, for comment.

It is rather long, and I don’t expect that anyone will want to do any more than look at the section that is relevant to your own interests. But if anyone is interested in taking a sneak preview then do please have a look and let me know of anything you spot that is wrong or misleading. (In my opinion it gets better as it goes along.)

I have some more work to do on it, filling in references, adding acknowledgments etc, that will take me a couple of weeks at least. Any comments received before I get those finished will be considered in the final report submitted to JISC.

Update, 11 Dec 2008: Thank you for your comments. The report as submitted to JISC is now available. I’m hoping they don’t want too many changes made.

4 thoughts on “LMAP Scoping Study draft report

  1. Hi Phil.
    Am going through the report and am very heartened by some bits. Picking up typo’s along the way (was in publishing so it’s a hazard of the person) Can I have an email address to send the whole thing back with Comments switched on?

  2. Gillian, anyone, My email address is philb [at] icbl [dot] hw [dot] ac [dot] uk
    Sorry, should have put it somewhere obvious without being asked!

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