#PressEdConf20 presentation: WordPress as technology for OER

The last couple of years I’ve been a keen follower of #PressEdConf, @pgogy and @nlafferty‘s Twitter-based conference on WordPress in Education. I haven’t been able to present in the previous two editions because they have taken place on a day that I have been travelling for an Easter visit to my parents. This year the the date changed, so I was able to present. I’ve been thinking about technologies for OER recently,  partly prompted by Risquez et al paper  Towards a Devolved Model of Management of OER? The Case of the Irish Higher Education Sector(see my thoughts here) and further stimulated by being asked to write a little about why open book publishing is important, so I thought I would take a look at WordPress as technology for OER through the lens of David Wiley’s ALMS framework.

The Tweets


I wish I knew a way to create a thread and schedule each tweet separately. I used tweetdeck’s scheduler, which reduced the stress of getting the tweets out (once I saw it working) but couldn’t thread those tweets.

Writing a presentation in 15 tweets is an interesting challenge. It’s not easy to distil what you want to say into ~15 statements and then to make each of those statement in 280 characters. Then you realise that people expect relevant gifs or engaging images of cats… whatever, I hope my holiday snaps were not too distracting.

With that in mind, thank you to all the other presenters.

It’s really rewarding to take part in this conference. Thanks to all those nice people that I interacted with during my presentation and others.

Huge thanks and respect to Pat at pgogy for running the conference. There have been a lot of comments about how the format was so opportune in this time of physical isolation, but I also know how Pat has faced extra stress and how he has responded like a hero.