Sharing and caring for Open Scotland

This month I will be curating for Open Scotland,  that is writing a blog post or two and tweeting a bit on the #OpenScot hashtag.  I’ve published the first blog post, Sharing curation in Open Scotland, and I am not going to reproduce the content here, so follow that link to read what I have to say about Dorothy Hodgkin, kindness in scientific research and how that relates to Open Scotland.

If you don’t know it,

Open Scotland is a voluntary cross sector initiative that aims to raise awareness of open education, encourage the sharing of open educational resources, and explore the potential of open policy and practice to benefit all sectors of Scottish education.

Open Scotland about page

The scope of Open Scotland includes

  • Open education practice
  • Open educational resources
  • Open policy
  • Open assessment practices
  • Open textbooks
  • Open source software
  • Open standards
  • Open online courses
  • MOOCs
  • Wikimedia projects

I have been (lightly) involved in Open Scotland one way or another since its inception with the Open Scotland Summit at the National Museum of Scotland in June 2013, subsequent creation of the Scottish Open Education Declaration. I’ve been increasingly aware that the effort for sustaining Open initiatives has fallen on too few people, and that’s as true of Open Scotland as it is for any other part of the open world, so when Lorna and Joe asked for volunteers to share the curation, I was happy to put my name down. If you feel similar please do likewise.

If you’ve read this far without reading the post I wrote, here’s the link again: Sharing curation in Open Scotland.