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HeyPressto, a conference on Twitter

Pat Lockley (of the pedagogical and technical outfitters Pgogy Webstuff) and I did a thing last week: HeyPressto, a WordPress and ClassicPress conference which happened only on Twitter.  That’s right, a conference on Twitter: presentations were a series of 15 Tweets, one per minute with the conference hashtag, in a scheduled time slot. Adding images, gifs or links to the tweets allows presenters to go into a bit more depth than Twitter’s character limit would suggest. Replies to tweets, and other forms of engagement, allow discussion to develop around the issues raised.  It was also semi-synchronous–or asynchronous after the event if you like: the tweets persist, they can be revisited, engagement can be continued. One way in which the tweets persist is that Pat turned all the presentations into Twitter moments, so first thing you should do if you missed the event is to go to the schedule page and look at some of the presentations that are linked from it.

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HeyPressto! a WordPress and ClassicPress conference on Twitter

Pat Lockley (of Pgogy Webstuff) and I are organizing the 2020 Hey Pressto! conference on WordPress and ClassicPress, which will run on 24 September 2020.

HeyPressto happens only on Twitter — presentations are made up of up to 15 tweets, one per minute.  You may know that Pat has been involved in organizing the PressEd Conference with Natalie Lafferty for the last three years. When he asked whether I was interested in helping with a similar conference I jumped at the idea. The theme is generalized from PressEd, which focusses on WordPress in Education, to include any use of WordPress or ClassicPress. What ever you are doing with WordPress or ClassicPress, whether you are writing blog posts, running an aggregator, managing content, creating themes and plugins, contributing to the core, or concerned with governance, we would love to hear from you. We have a call for proposals which is open until midnight on Thursday Sept 3rd.

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