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A short update on Ramlet

Ramlet, or Resource Aggregation Model for Learning, Education and Training (which is working group 13 of the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Subcommittee) is an ongoing piece of work which aims to define a conceptual model that includes an ontology and a nomenclature for enabling the interpretation of externalized representations of digital aggregates of resources for learning, education, and training applications. In other words, it will help show semantic relationships between content aggregation formats such as IMS CP, ATOM, MPEG 21 DID and OAI-ORE.

Like many standardization efforts, progress is slow and gradual so it’s difficult to know when it’s worth giving an update. But last week the RAMLET technical editor, Scott Lewis sent this message about the conceptual model:

This standard has taken a long time, but it is a complex standard that presents an ontology for resource aggregation and down-loadable files to help implement the ontology.

The good news is that virtually all of the technical work has been done for the standard and for a series of IEEE recommend practices that will be published after the standard is published. The working group expects to have a draft of the base standard for internal review by year’s end and a balloting draft submitted to IEEE in Q1 of 2010. The series of recommended practices that specify mappings for IMS CP, ATOM, METS, MPEG-21 DID, and OAI-PMH ORE will be published as soon as possible after the standard is published. Again, the technical work for these recommend practice has been done, and it is just a matter of converting that work to IEEE recommended practices after the base standard has been approved.

CETIS’s Wilbert Kraan is taking part in the RAMLET work, working on a proof of concept implementation using standard open source components.