Training sux0r to recognise design engineering

I spent some time last month training sux0r to recognise what is and isn’t relevant to design engineering, and also to recognise what is relevant to each of the top level topics in the SEED curriculum that we are using to categories resources. We should see the fruits of this training in filtered feeds coming out of sux0r as we add new feeds and as new resources are added to existing feeds. So where do we look for that? For simplicity I shall focus on the more important design relevant/not relevant categorisation here.

The sux0r API provides access to various feeds and other information relevant to the filtering, Santy has written in general terms about what is where in the Delores installation of sux0r. More specifically:

We can see from Return vectors call that the relevant dimension to the categorisation is DesignEngRelevant which has vectorID of 3.

Using this in the ReturnCategories per vector Call we get the categories categoryName=isDesignEng, categoryID=10; and categoryName=notDesignEng categoryID=11.

To get the feeds we use this information in the ReturnItems per Category call. So

Immediate feedback from Chris, who is the project team member who know about Design Engineering, is that the automatic categorisation is working well at the is/isn’t relevant level.