UKOER 2nd Tuesday on Metadata

On Tuesday 11 August, John and I are running an online workshop on metadata in the “second Tuesday” series of support workshops for the HE Academy/JISC UKOER programme. These are my thoughts on what we will cover: I want the session to be as interactive as possible, starting now, so if you’re involved in the UKOER programme and have any comments on what you would like to see covered please use the comments box below, or contact me direct. We intend that the session will be roughly a 50:50 mix of presentation and discussion for a little over an hour, and then open Q&A.

Session aims

  1. Make sure the projects know about CETIS and our role in the UKOER programme.
  2. Make sure the projects are familiar with the programme level technical & metadata requirements.
  3. Get projects to think about their own metadata and technical requirements.
  4. Discuss the relationship of the third of these to the first two.

Out of scope: IPR, Creative Commons and other legal issues; issues relating to the Jorum that don’t directly relate to the broad aims above (e.g. Jorum deposit procedure).

Who should attend
Discussion will largely be technical or library oriented, but will require an understanding of project aims and objectives: we want to talk about solutions to real problems.

Preparation required: the rough outline below includes some information and indicative questions for participants to be thinking about. Useful reading: OER Programme Technical Requirements; Metadata Guidelines for the OER Programme; Open Educational Resources, metadata, and self-description.

Rough outline of session
Intend roughly 50:50 mix of presentation and discussion, for a little over an hour, and then open Q&A. The presentation/discussion part will cover:

  • (briefly) what is CETIS.
  • CETIS’s role in the UK OER programme.
  • What is metadata, what is it for?
  • Programme technical and metadata requirements, what do these support.
  • Content aggregation: who, what, when, where, why?
  • Project technical contexts, expectations and requirements.

The last item will require input from participants, e.g. what hosts are you using (repository, just a website, web 2.0 / social sharing sites, just the Jorum), how do you think users will find your resources, what will you do to facilitate that; what information could you provide information to support resource selection and use, how would you gather that information and what format would you provide it in?

8 thoughts on “UKOER 2nd Tuesday on Metadata

  1. I was unable to connect to the Elluminate session for the last second Tuesday event – I’m not sure why as I’ve never had a problem accessing Elluminate before – the client downloads OK but then fails to connect – I’ve logged a job with our IT help-desk but it seems to have vanished into the ether. I’ll chase it up as I would really like to attend!

  2. I’m interested in standardising application profiles accross repositories – particularly as our project requires us to deposit OERs in our local repository and JorumOpen. The AP that I am using currently is taken directly from Jorum but I suspect it will change considerably given that Jorum will be serving OER from DSpace rather than intraLibrary.

  3. This would probably come up anyway – I would like to know how we can identify which metadata works best from our projects and how we can gather consistent statistics (across all subject centres) from the users of the resources.

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