Weeknotes 28 Oct 2017

image from pixabay, CC:0

Several things I have been doing over the last months came to significant thresholds this week.

Firstly, for the project to describe educational and occupational credentials with schema.org, we went beyond internal discussions among people involved with the Credential Engine and sounded out the wider schema.org community on the idea with a post to their github repository and message to their mail list. I was really happy with how positively both were received.

Secondly, we finally got the paperwork in place to make me a full partner of Cetis LLP.  That didn’t involve me doing much this week, it was the fruition of work from a month or so back. I’ll be working on a couple of Cetis projects: trunkDB a web-based relational database for live research data in open science/digital humanities research, which is in private beta; and  a new project on library-related data orchestration.

I got all my educational technology publications posted to this blog.  I’ve done this with a plugin and theme parts that build on ideas I’ve been working at on and off for several years, starting with putting Cetis publications on WordPress, then looking at WordPress as a semantic web platform  to build schema.org descriptions. I see it all as building towards enhancing the use of WordPress as a lightweight repository. There’s a tweak which will clarify the difference between presentations / conference papers that’s waiting to be deployed, but I’m quite happy with how it’s worked.

Omniana in PressBooks also went onto a live site, but there is still not much content in it.

On Friday I went out to meet old friends / former colleagues & student at Heriot-Watt. I really like some of the things that Lisa and Santi have been doing. There’s a nice collection of open educational resources for computer science building off the back of delivering online material for the Graduate Level Apprenticeship in IT Software Development. There is also a good start on making a sort of app store for student developed resources from the first year Interactive Systems course. The students need a little more guidance on what they post by way of descriptions, but I think this is a great way finalise the conception–design-implement-market product cycle, plus it provides a platform for peer and instructor feedback. Both are using WordPress.

Also on Friday I learnt that Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt are advertising for someone to identify OERs that can be used in their online courses, and to devise a strategy for publishing some EBS content openly. They should get involved in OpenScotland.