Weeknotes: 9 Sept 2017

Now have most of my CMALT written, because I would like to be certified as a learning technologist. I need to go through it to check that I have covered the right things in enough depth. You can see (and please comment on) my portfolio as Google docs. I think I have learnt more by writing this than through any other thing I’ve done in the last five years. 

WordPress publications repository: made the last few tweaks to a plugin + theme I have been working on that allows uses custom post types and metaboxes to make wordpress into a repository. Builds on WordPress as a repository for Cetis publications, custom metadata in WordPress and WordPress as a semantic web platform. You can see how it is coming along here (still some niggles to sort out, especially with the footer) or see it on github. Really needs a post to itself.

Contract came through for some work relating to the Credential Engine‘s CTDL (credential transparency description language, education credentials that is, i.e. degrees, certificates, diplomas, badges etc.). More about that soon, but it is my first contract as an independent, so very happy about that.

Tooling up: Getting software & applications set up at home. Recently: Amazon Glacier, protege, slack, eclipse, yEd. (Previously focused on home network, local development webserver, PHP, mySQL, WordPress, etc.) So far yEd is my favourite.

Went to visit friends at Heriot-Watt. Enjoyed catching up with what they (especially Lisa) have been doing by way of online learning to support the graduate level apprenticeship. You can see the beginnings of an OER collection (but that courses themselves are hidden in Blackboard).

Mostly eating beans and beetroot from the allotment. Didn’t do enough cycling.