6 thoughts on “LRMI examples for schema.org

  1. I am in the early stages of trying to tag resources to align them with the Common Core for Mathematics. Your examples are a great help. Many thanks. PS – Do you know of other similar examples?

    1. Thanks David. I don’t know of many similar examples. There is a very simple custom search engine you could use to find other users of the alignment object. For info on the search engine see http://blogs.pjjk.net/phil/filtering-on-lrmi-alignment-values/ . But beware, we found bad examples in the wild, that’s what prompted us to create these. More generally, there is the LRMI knowledge base at http://www.lrmi.net/knowledgebase which has plenty of good advice for tagging. Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks Phil for the info. Have got 1,000+ resources tagged. Still need fine-tuned. Google Structured Data Testing Tool seemed to like it which is a start. I’ll keep checking. Thanks again.

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