LRMI Metadata in use

There was no Dublin Core conference this year, but there was the DCMI Virtual Event over the second half of September, and for the last session of that I hosted a panel session on LRMI Metadata in use. The recordings for many of the sessions are now available, including our LRMI panel.

Further Details

We had four presentations, each fifteen minutes long, and a discussion at the end. Here’s an index for the recording and links to further resources mentioned. The four presentations were:

The discussion follows.

I have linked the title of each presentation to its starting point in the YouTube video.

About LRMI

You can find many of the LRMI properties in under the LearniningResource type, but you can also find LRMI Specifications on DCMI Website, including the version 1.1 of the specification as it was handed to DCMI, the terms in RDF (currently being updated), and concept schemes to provide controlled vocabularies for the values for some of those terms.

The DCMI LRMI Task Group curates LRMI and liases with other standards bodies that use the properties (notably We meet the first Tuesday of every month. To join us, simply join the task group Mailing list.

If you’re interested in LRMI, join the google group for occasional updates about the spec, or to ask questions of the wider community.


I’ve not had any formal feedback from attendees, but I felt it went well and kind people are telling me similar (or not saying anything). A colleague on LRMI made a useful comment, that we should have had a few questions for audience at the start that would have helped us understand their background. That would help us gauge whether we had got the technical level of the content right.

I’m quite happy with the structure of the session, starting with design priniciples for LRMI as a whole, looking at how it has been applied to the description of learning resources, and finally how it has been applied to a search solution.  I hope there is enough of a logical flow there to give some coherence to what is a fairly long session. I was also happy with the discussion session afterwards, and the overall balance of how we used the time. Hopefully the recording and slides will be useful resources themselves, and in our latest LRMI call we agreed that it would be useful to repeat this type of presentation for other audiences (though I hope not as a manel). Many thanks to the presenters and others who took part.

Finally, I had a small role in organizing the event as a whole, enough to recognise how much effort Paul Walk and the other people on the organizing committee put in to making this a successful event–thank you.