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  1. This year, I noticed that Google search results were showing the course offering events automatically generated from our XCRI XML on individual course pages.

    Our yearly cycle has removed almost all of our examples, but you can see a test instance if you search Google for:


    you might get a search result formatted as:

    Title (of course)
    URL (of course details page)
    Description (of course)
    From-To Mode Location
    From-To Mode Location

    from the HTML markup, where each table row represents an event:

    2016-09-012017-05-20Full timePort Street, Picton

    which is generated from the XCRI CAP XML with the XSLT:


    I imagine that you will wish to see similar but more developed result formats when your schema.org extensions are supported in search engines.

    1. Hi Tavis, if it wasn’t for the current difficulties in crossing the Forth I would be tempted by a course to improve my Cetacean 🙂

      Seriously, if you have the opportunity to join the W3C community group that would be fantastic, but even if you don’t it would be great to test what we develop with XSLT transforms of XCRI-CAP.

      Thanks, Phil

      1. Ah, the perennial problem of publishing test/dummy data on the web. I never quite understood how the semantic web was supposed to work that out unless you could declare it in some way, and the PROV initiative did not seem to help. So hopefully my content can be detected as ‘test/dummy’ by humans (and other sentients).

        Thank you, Phil, I have put my name forward, and hopefully I can contribute as you say. It should be relatively trivial to apply a one-to-one mapping in the XSLT as described above.

        And as I carelessly allowed my markup to be removed by the above post, the table row (with hcalendar attributes) looks like:

        <tr class="vevent"><td class="dtstart" title="2016-09-01T00:00:00+01:00">2016-09-01</td><td class="dtend" title="2017-05-20T00:00:00+01:00">2017-05-20</td><td class="summary">Full time</td><td class="location">Port Street, Picton</td></tr>

        I plan to change the transformation in future so that it puts your schema.org extensions in instead.

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